The max grosch QUARTET was founded in 2001. Through intense concertising, diverse projects, touring and recording, it has emerged to being one of Germanys leading bands in the area of String Jazz. Rarely can you hear a violin being played in context with rhythm section so fluent in use of Jazz language. Stylistically the quartet feels at home in both modern Jazz and the Tradition and frequently borrows from modern styles as Hip Hop or Newgrass. A high level rhythm section formed of pianist Jan Eschke, Andreas Kurz on bass and Bastian Jütte on drums is about as good of backup as it gets in the German Jazz scene. The band has been celebrated by the press as an ensemble ‚with a superb capability to soar in their improvisations’ (Munich Merkur).


The Max Grosch ORGAN BAND is another innovative project in the way, that you seldomly hear violin in such a grooving context. With varying guests like Vincent Herring, Florian Trübsbach, Takuya Kuroda, Vladimir Kostadinovic and others, the ensemble is backed by wonderful organ player Matthias Bublath. Through numerous concerts and radio broadcasts over the past years the group has made a name for itself. Organ and violin sound blend uniquely and beautifully in this setting.


Max Grosch can often be heard in a DUO context with Pianist Matthias Bublath or recently in a recording session with the very unique Kenny Werner. This setting lends itself especially for intimate dialogue and moments of true transparency to the music. With highest precision in playing off of eachother, this duo offers the perfect environment for both musicians to unleash their full potential.

Max als Solist

Max is often saught after as SOLOIST, be it as featured guest with other ensembles or all by himself creating music with loop station and effects. This offers an optimal setting for spectacular solo improvisations, which Max has also been performing inspired by literary readings or talks.

Brahms meets Jazz

‚Brahms meets Jazz’ ist the name of the highly unique CROSSOVER PROJECT created in cooperation of the max.grosch.quartet and the classical Diogenes Quartett with Andreas Kirpal on piano. In this programme the two worlds of Jazz and classical music are colliding without loosing or compromising their particular qualities. Brahms is inspiration for wonderful improvisations and at the same time is stated in its origin and full beauty by a classical ensemble of the highest quality. Absolutely unique is the respect with which the two ensembles approach and interweave classical masterpieces with modern creative styles on the highest level. As a result a setting uncomparable to usual crossover is created.



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